What is SEO?

Marketing a business has been evolving for many years. Back in the early times advertising meant getting the famous people to like your product and home that they will share the positive feedback with the people within their social network. From individual influence the means of marketing a business or even a concept today can be done in a variety of ways. The advancements made in media arts and information technology has allowed a wider reach and more cost-effective means of marketing.

Businesses, big and small, now know the value of the internet and its ability to make or break a business. The internet hosted the social media sites which became vital in the boom of many businesses that started online. You might wonder how these businesses made it to the top and how they managed to get a lot of people. In the same light there are businesses who has websites online, has social media presence, has the same reach in terms of potential audience but are not doing as well. SEO or search engine optimisation is what draws the line.

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are what people use to search for information online. These websites are the gateway that help people find the information that they need about a certain product or service that they need based on the words or known as keywords they entered to run the search. Thousands of websites are catalogued online, so sites like Google follow a certain algorithm in terms of ranking these sites. Site rankings can be enhanced through SEO.

So why does ranking matter so much?

Based on research, most people will only click the first two to four results that would come out in their search. The farther your site is from the ranking of the results the lesser the likelihood of your potential customers clicking on it. Every click to your site is a chance to convert a viewer into a customer that will eventually make a purchase. For bloggers the hits they get on their sites determines the amount they can charge for their advertisers. Ranking determines the number of hits you get and in turn translated to the number of potential profit you can earn.

So How does SEO work?

SEO works by following a set of rules that coincides with search engines’ algorithm. These algorithms are so complex and has many components. One example is keyword indexing. Using keywords that are mostly searched in your websites increases your ranking. Link building also improves site ranking in search engines. This means the more external sites that links to your actual site the better the ranking becomes for the latter. Most search engine optimization specialists combine link building with keyword saturation strategies in building websites to improve the rankings. There are many more ways to improve the site ranking and search engine optimisation is constantly evolving.

SEO is the new tool that will help businesses get noticed by their potential audience. When done right, it can get a brand from being unknown to becoming the next big thing.