Lately it seems that the number of layoffs has been increasing. Companies are making massive cuts and even announcing plans to fire their employees. Most of the time people are surprised by a lay of and have not even anticipated it. However if the company is going in loss and the profits are dropping then it is important that an employee should be prepared and should have some idea on hiring a lawyer to represent them in case they are sacked.

Hiring an unfair dismissal lawyer is important because they will review all the fine print on the contract. They would also let you know whether there is a chance of a possible legal claim. If you feel that you have been discriminated on the basis of age, race or disability then you might have a claim. If you are considering suing the company you should keep in mind that a lawsuit can drive on and can even be considered bad for your future employment prospects. On the other hand there is also nothing wrong when you are asking the company for more than what they have offered. A lawyer would negotiate on behalf of the client. They would make sure that they emphasize on the employees contribution and length of service to the company.

How can Gold Coast employment lawyers be of help?

A lawyer can help you by coaching you for the negotiations which you might have with your employers. However if you feel that you have been wronged you would need to provide your lawyer with all the important documentations and evidences which might point towards unfair dismissal. Your lawyer would make sure that they go through the company policy and the contract to see whether there has been a breach of contract over that they might consider any instance which would come under wrongful termination.

Tips for hiring employment lawyers

If you are thinking about hiring employment lawyers it is best to start with referrals from friends or people in your circle. You can get reference from people who have been involved in a similar situation. You can even contact the local bar association to direct you towards the lawyers in your area. You might also want to check out with lawyers who specialise in representing employees.

Once you have all the information it is time to conduct telephone interviews and get to know more about a lawyer. If possible make sure that you arrange an initial meeting where you could enquire about the possible solution for your particular situation. There are certain matters which can be handled through letters and phone calls or negotiations with your employer. Your lawyer would be able to guide you on the correct way of approaching things.

It is best to set up a meeting with at least two or three lawyers before choosing one. You might need to pay a small sum for initial consultation. For more information on employment lawyers in Gold Coast make sure you contact Attwood Marshall.