Importance of SEO

The essence of search engine optimisations is to create organic and qualified leads. Here in this article we look at how to target the right kind of traffic to your website. Search engine optimisation is similar to marketing 101 in terms of the fundamental strategy that is involved. Any marketing expert would tell you that the first step is to understand your target audience. And that is what you need to do for laying down a perfect SEO strategy. Say for example your website deals with yoga; there is no point if the traffic that your website gets is made up of people who are not even in the slightest interested in Yoga. So first you need to understand what is the composition or characteristics of the type of people you would like to visit your website.

SEO Strategies

This is very important since many SEO strategies rely on understanding who the target audience is. In this article, we look at two of the basic SEO strategies that can greatly boost organic growth. The first is the content strategy; the content strategy is quite straightforward and basic but in reality is an advance form of SEO strategy that has its roots in site strategy and growth. In a way taking the content strategy route is an effective form of link-bait. So taking the yoga example, the content strategy relies on understanding what the audience wants information on; so say the audience wants information on various yoga forms and techniques. then the website should provide content on that. So people who fall under the targeted audience while researching on yoga will end up on your website if they get the information that they are looking for on your website. This strategy is effective because it helps the owner of the website to understand what is important and what is not; in a lot of cases people have generic information on their websites, creating the right kind of niche can make all the difference.


Discovery of Targeted keyword

The second strategy is targeted keyword discovery; this method can be done either before the content strategy or after. Targeted keyword discovery is all about finding out what the audience searches for and how to improve those words in the content that is either already present or is about to be published. What most people tend to do is they first build their content for the website and then try changing or rather including the keywords in the content. But what we suggest is to take it up a notch and first complete targeted keyword discovery and then go on to build content. So taking the same yoga example; through research, you find out that the essential keywords are breathing exercises and yoga equipment. After figuring out what the keywords are, utilise it to build your content. This strategy is much better since it takes into account what your audience wants first and then goes about providing it.